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  • Are K5 Ebikes legal to operate on the road?
    YES! ​ Our Ebikes are built with a speed restrictor that limits the Ebike to a top speed of 30kmph/18mph which can be used for operation on the road without the need for a licence or registration... However, when this restrictor is unplugged, the Ebikes power is at its full capability and therefore not allowed to operate on the road. ​ Our restrictor is very simple to plug/unplug and is directed in our Ebike manual along with the purchase of your K5 Ebike.
  • How long does my K5 Ebike take to arrive?
    We deliver our electric bikes Worldwide! We use PRIORITY freight companies to ensure your purchases arrive safely and in excellent condition. Shipping times are dependent on where the item will be shipped to. ​ Custom builds generally have a 4-6 week build time with an estimated 1 month door to door delivery... *COVID DELAYS MAY IMPACT THE DELIVERY TIMES* ​ Once you Ebike has been shipped, you will be sent a tracking number. Our Ebikes are sent without batteries. You will receive two packages, one with the battery and one with your new bike
  • How long is the warranty period on my K5 Ebike?
    We offer our customers a 12 MONTH WARRANTY on all of our ebikes! This 12 month warranty upholds the MOTOR, BATTERY & CONTROLLER. We also provide a 3 Month warranty on any other parts with our ebikes... We require you to contact us within 14 days of delivery if there is any chance of any manufacturing defects upon the arrival of your K5 ebike. You will then be processed to our after sales team, who will kindly provide solutions to any issues or concerns associated with your ebike... We do ask for photo/video evidence upon your claim.
  • Can my K5 Ebike get wet?
    Yes! To a certain degree... Our K5 Ebikes are rated for a water resitant rating of IP54. This means that our ebikes can sustain light water impact inclduing puddles, light rain and mud without worry... In washing your E-bike, please consider these helpful tips to keep in mind: ​ -Always dry your E-bike completely before storing it! ​ -When washing your E-bike, do not use a pressure washer! ​ -Less is more when it comes to water! ​ -Avoid directing water toward the hub motor or the battery, the display and the electric component compartment!
  • What is the recommended height/weight for a K5 Ebike rider?
    Our K5 EBIKES are best recommended for riders between 5ft/150cm and 7ft/210cm We advise our 19 inch wheel model for riders between 5ft/150cm to 5'9" ​ For our 21 inch rim model, We advise riders to be above 5'3/ 160cm! Our EBIKES can handle rider weight up to approximately 140kg/310pds
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